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Newborn Baby Tips – Outdoors

Newborn Baby Tips – Outdoors

Keep a packed changing bag at the front door so that you can go out with the baby at short notice.
Bags that are like big sacks aren’t ideal as you have to rummage about in them every time you change your baby. Rather, choose bags with compartments – ideally with see-through pockets, like make-up artists’ bags – so that what you need it readily to hand.

Have a pop-up cot for travels and visits. A pop-up cot is small, like a carrycot. Made of flimsy nylon on a white frame, it twists flat, then literally pops into thee dimensions when taken out of its bag.
If you take it with you when you are out and about, you can settle your baby down almost anywhere for s comfortable, flat on the back sleep.

Have baby “stops”. In each of the rooms you use most frequently, have a soft, safe place where you can lie or sit your baby down out of harm’s way.

Make a soft around a wobbly baby who’s just learning to sit up. Pack pillows, quilts and the like snugly around their bottoms so that any tumbles will be cushioned. Stick around to avert any danger out of harm’s way.

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