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Separate rivals

Separate rivals Come down hard on sibling rivalry, right from the start – without getting angry. If the kids argue, just stop whatever it is they want to do and let them continue only when they have stopped arguing.

Unite your kids. Ask your jealous child whether they would really like to see their sibling fail. Explain that each member of the family contributed to the strength of the whole. Try to promote a sense of family pride in your children and teach them the importance of locality to each other.

Let kids raise each other. Older siblings can be as influential as parents, so let them help and advise younger ones. The advice may not always be sound – Just hit him is not uncommon – but is usually well meant and makes for a better sibling relationship. Don’t stop younger ones from advising or conforming older siblings – they can sometimes be surprisingly wise.

Offer a framework to help siblings should not say please and thank you and show each other common courtesy. Speaking politely to each other as ha remarkably civilising effect on children’s behaviour.

Get them to take photos each other. You will be surprised  how creative they can be!

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Siblings and gender

Siblings and gender

Encourage baby love. From the birth of new baby onwards, assume that your children love each other and want to be friends. Give older children a gift when the baby arrived, let them be involved during the early days (kids need to bond too) and show them how important they are in making their little sibling happy. Observe, praise and reward their kindness, and put them centre stage as the great starts of the event.

Let siblings be friends. Avoid programming your children to fall out. Comments such as “They jut don’t get on, they can not help winding each other or they have nothing in common” endorse and reinforce sibling rivalries. Try to elicit warm feelings with positive comments, such as “It’s unlike you two to argue at making up” Clearly you can not ignore fisticuffs, but you can play own minor disputes.

Make sure to have their photos together often. You might find that you have a lot of individual photos but not many photos of them together. The kids grows up very fast and you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to be passed. Book your photographer today for your life time memory.

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