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Avert Tantrums

Avert Tantrums with distractions “Look at those lovely flowers” ” I think that I saw Poppy the cat outside the window” ” Can you spot a red car?” ” What would you like for your birthday?” ” it does not always work but its worth a go.

Bin flip flops. They look cute on young kids but are very difficult for children to run and tackle stairs in. Properly fitted sandals, with backs are infinitely preferable and far safer.

Insist upon plates. Young children can be fantastically messy eaters. From an early age, train them not to wander about while eating. To eat over a plate or surface and to be mindful of how much mess they are making.

Dress the part. Left to their own devices, most younger children would ice-skate in swimming costume and play tennis in winter coats without noticing. Dressing appropriately is not high on a kids list of priorities so lay down the law.

If you don’t know what your kids to wear on the day of photo shoot, please let us know as we have a professional stylist, so he can style you the way you want just like some magazine photo shoot.
Your kids will feel very special on the day.

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