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Make simple outings

Make simple outings

Undertaken with a sense of fun, these can be more rewarding for little ones than grandiose and expensive trips. Take a bag of outdoor toys a ball. some bats, a Frisbee, a pull-along dog or whatever they enjoy and simply hang out in the park.

Have a sports morning. Have a regular time and venue in the park so that any children who are interested can play football or another sport together at the weekend. Send a flyer around your child’s class to ensure a reasonable turnout. Parents of those who show up can share the supervision and coaching.

Get a training ball for cricket. This looks just like a hard cricket ball but it is made of rubber so is far less likely to cause injury.

Get on your bike. Take your children somewhere grassy and gently sloping to teach them to ride.
Don’t put the pressure on to get the stabilisers off, just encourage them to enjoy the independence of cycling and sooner or later they will progress without your needing to say a word. Go out together on your bikes and ride as a family.  It’s fun, great exercise and a good way to teach them road and cycle safely.

You can always contact me to photograph those moment so you can have some nice family portrait at the park!

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Let children paint

Let children paint

Put them where they will cause the least damage, spread newspaper on the floor, drape them in old shirts and stick around to check that they don’t tramp paint about the place – but don’t stop them. They can paint on the floor or on a table, but an easel is most convinient. Choose one that also has a chalkboard side.

Channel your child’s desire to customise your walls and belongings. Buy some decorators, lining paper and unroll it across an entire room. Provide paints, felt tips, stickers, stencils and whatever else your child wants and leave them to it. The result may be a panorama , a series of cartoons, a banner or just a great scribbly mess, but the opportunity to deface such a huge expanse of plain paper is irresistible to most children. It’s also a fail safe activity for play dates.

How about you give your children your old camera? My dad used to give me his old camera to snap. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but look where I ended up! You might find your children’s creativity there! It’s important that you let your children play like that!

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