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Point things out

Point things out

Skies, stars, trees, flowers, animals, buildings, people, views, colours, textures, effects,
sounds, sensations… Anything that moves or intrigues you.

Build a cairn in young garden or in a secret place in the park.
Gather together a small collection of white pebbles collect them when you notice them – and on each wonderful or momentous day (a day to mark with a white stone), add one stone to the cairm.

Stomp. Gather together lots of household objects that make a pleasing, percussive noise and jam with your children, making rhythms on whatever comes to hand, stamping your feet and dancing to the different beats you create.

Invent your own traditions. Develop your own traditions. Develop some unique rituals with your kids. You might let them eat some chocolate from their stockings before breakfast on Christmas mornings, have an annual midnight feast or pitch a tent in the garden from which to watch the stars on a summer’s birthday. Whatever they are, indulge in traditions that are magical for your children and that they will remember for the rest of lives.

Show your children your old photos, so they will understand what you looked like before.
It’s also great idea to do your family photos while they are still young as they grow up so fast.

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