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Nature Trails

Nature Trails

Go to Taronga Zoo! You don’t need to take the kids to Africa. Children are obsessive and love to pulse an enthusiasm. Whether it is birds, bugs, flowers, cars, trucks, or trains, take them out to Taronga Zoo to see what you can spot.  Don’t forget to take your camera, binnacles, notebook and pencil.

Go dippy. Pond dipping is fun for all ages, but little ones need close supervision to avoid going for a dip themselves. You will require a fishing net and a plastic container, preferably shallow and flat bottoned. Put a little pond water in the bottom of the container, drag the net through the shallows at the edge of the pond, them tip its contents out into container and see what you can find. During the summer months, most ponds will yield many different bugs.

Visit a local pond in the springtime to try to find tadpoles. If you strike lucky, revisit the pond from time to time to watch them develop into froglets, then frogs. Children of all ages enjoy frog-spotting in the wild.

You can always hire me as your photographer so I can photograph you and your children when they are playing with beautiful animals in Sydney.

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