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Techno kids

Techno kids

Watching TV is ok. If a child has an interesting and active life, TV is likely to be just one part of it.
So long as you don’t stick your kids in front of the TV simply to avoid doing other things with them, and you know what they are watching, it’s unlikely to do them any great harm. Total TV bars can lead to ostracism at school (they don’t know what the other kids are talking about) and can fuel a craving to watch the box.

Have a go. Try out your children’s computer games and activities so you can begin to understand why they are so enthralled by them.

Search for free games. Some websites offer great free games for children. Listen our for news of these on children’s television and in kids magazines, then take a look yourself before allowing your kids to log on.

Avoid violent games. Whether played on computer or on a console, violent games can affect children’s behaviour. Check and observe the age restrictions on any games you buy for your child, and take an interest in what they are playing. You are the best judge of whether a game is good for them or not. Be aware too, of what might be playing at friend’s homes.

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