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Word game

Word game

Word games are free, portable and suitable for children of all ages. Toddlers can name objects; pre-schoolers can find simple words beginning with a particular letter, and older children can take turns to name countries or animal beginning with each letter of the alphabet from A-Z. The options are endless, and it’s easy to make up your own games to suit your child’s abilities and interests.

Play ghost. The aim of this word game is not to make a woprd. The first player thinks of a word and says the first letter. Each player in turn adds another letter. They each must have a certain word in mind but cannot say what it is. The object of the game is to avoid being the person who actually makes a word. Other players can challenge if they don’t believe that a suggested letter could feasibly follow. The first play to complete a word or lose a challenge loses that round.

This is the game that I always play when I photograph kids in the park. So they can have fun, play and laugh, that’s how I photograph kids and family. Please take a moment to view all my photos on my website. Have you noticed that they are all smiling or laughing???

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Make Potions

Save some little plastic bottles and help your kids to gather the ingredients for potions:
pleasant ones (mixture of bathroom toiletries) weird ones (strange food combinations) and downright yucky ones(earth, paint, milk, washing-up water..anything) Stick around while they make them to check that they don’t) wreck your home in the process get their hands on anything dangerous and actually drink them. It’s a lot of fun for kids to make up positions and invent the magical effects they cause.

Make believe. Take your kids to a palace and all of your pretend that you are royal, go to a museum and strike the poses of the statues, lie with your hands over your chest and imagine yourselves to be ancient Egyptian mummies, drama and art and out of yourself.

Improve scenrios. Kids love simple acting exercises. A couple of children might try having a conversation in which each wants to have the last word, each is trying to impress the other or each in frightened of the other. Suggest subjects and situations that are of particular interest to your children and let them invent their own improvisations.

We enjoy photograph children when they are playing at the park, a lot of our photos on our website are done at the park in Sydney. We love photographing kids as natural as possible!

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Welcome to Sydney Treasures Photography

Welcome to Sydney Treasures Photography

My name is Katsu Nojiri. I am the owner / photographer of Sydney Treasures Photography.

We will be updating our baby, children and family photos as well as a lot of good information about babies and children, too.

Our exciting new website for Sydney Treasures Photography is live today!

We provide stunning family and child photography in Sydney. Join us in either a studio or natural setting for jaw dropping photographs just the way you want them.

Sydney Treasures Photography is the home of professional family and child photography in Sydney, Australia. It’s also the home of the well renowned photographer Katsu Nojiri.

Since moving from Japan to Australia over a decade ago, Katsu has quickly built up a great reputation from both clients and industry professionals for producing stunning images. Take a look through the gallery to see what Katsu can do for you.

Please also visit our facebook fan page, also!

w: www.sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au
e: info@sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au
m: 0407 064 044

Sydney Treasures Photography

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