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Allow freedom of expression

Allow freedom of expression in fashion, music, interests and pastimes, So long as our bottom lines are met – your children must be safe kind and conscinetious. Cut them a bit of slack around the things that matter to them but don’t have to matter to you.

Respect privacy. Let the older children open their own post, have private telephone conversations and close the door when they have friends over to play. A respect for your child’s privacy is unlikely to compromise their safety.

Offer wall space. If you have a newly decorated house, put up pin boards in your children’s bedroom so they can customise a bit of wall without getting into trouble. Use brightly coloured map pins that are easy to spot if they fall out.

Have secret signals. If public displays of affection embarrass your child, develop your own code it could be a low five for a kiss and a gentle punch on the arm for a hug. Big kids need affection, but are much more likely to accept it on their own terms.

Make sure that you have your family photos at least once a year, so you will have your memories to cherish forever.

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Point out differences

Point out differences

Point out differences between things, such as different sorts of dogs, types of shops, varying landscapes or contrasting flowers. so that your young children start to observe and become interested in the diversity of the world around them.

Explore the senses, Make connections between different sexual experiences: sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. What colour do you think this music is? What sound banana make? What do you reckon blue smell of? Where older children might think you mad, younger ones are far more likely to accept such associations and try to offer answers.

Make associations between people and colours, sounds, shapes, fruits, drinks, landscapes anything. Sometime be the interviewer What sort of animal are you? What sort of shape are you? and at other times the interviewee. Older children will enjoy finding associations for all their friends. and then quizzing those friends to see if the associations tally.

When we photograph children, we always ask silly questions and make them answer and laugh.
That is how we capture those natural moments, so the children feel more comfortable in front of the camera, also. Please book me early if you are planing to have photo session with me.

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Turn a deaf ear

Turn a deaf ear

Little children are fascinated and vastly entertained by anything to do with bottoms: poo, wee, and willies are a hot topic o infant conversation. Most children go through this phase, so unless it gets completely out of hand, just pretend you have not heard what they are saying to each other. That’s what I think. Do you agree?

Keep a funny book. From the moment they start to speak, get a big blank book in which to write down al the wonderful things you kids say. I later years this book will be a treasured family keepsake and will give you and your children big laugh. Of course you can book me, so you can have a photo session with me for your long time memories, too.

Do draft things. Young children love it when adults do crazy and unusual things, and they enjoy strange and bizarre events. Satisfy this love of the surreal with some zany fun. You might, for instance, make up a game like Banana bag, pass the eyeball (asking them to close their eyes and handling round a peeled grape) or wobbly stool (lying back and letting your children ride on your raised knees, which you wobble and them unexpectedly collapse). Make the most of these games – they give visiting rights to your child’s world.

Even during the photo shoot with children, we let your children to play a game. So they will smile or laugh naturally, then we can capture those moments!

Hope this article was helpful.

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