Time for yourself

Time for yourself

Have a nap. If you feel ratty and as though you just cant cope with your kids, try to snatch a nap. Even just a catnap – when you can. our good humour is far more likely to return after a revitalising rest. Children and sleep are certainly not bedfellows, so get into te habit of going to bed as early as possible.

Give yourself a break. Leave your children with someone you trust and have a little time to yourself. Even if you are only away from them for an hour or so, you will enjoy kids more when you return.

Fit a bolt (a small one would do)to the inside of your bedroom door so that, from time to time you can ensure a little parental privacy.

Nurture your spirit with whatever you have the opportunity and are not too tired.

This may not be often, but the more you and your partner enjoy each other’s minds and bodies, the better you will weather the challenges and share the joys of parenting together.

Use your head, if you are a full time parent, try to keep in the swim of adult life by reading, talking, taking courses or embarking on some home study.

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