Words and books

Words and books

Speak freely. Don’t limit your vocabulary for little ears. Even small children can learn what we think of as big or difficult words if they are used in an understandable context. If you think that they may be mystified, still use the word but explain it in the same breath. That dog is really mischievous – playful and naughty…

Allow kids diction. When children are just learning to express themselves, don’t constantly correct them. Once in a while, it’s find to remind kids that for example, “Sammy and me went…” should be ” Sammy I went to” but try to listen to what they are saying before you obsess about how they are saying it.

Promote nonsense. Why disparage children’s words? They are often descriptive and apt. Encourage your kids to make up and use words of their own invention. You may find yourself using them too.

Bottoms up. All kids are crude. Older children often find scatology hilarious, and let’s face it. Adults are pretty entertained by cudeness. Don’t worry about it but don’t promote it : try to keep it within bounds and instil in your child a sense of when it is not appropriate.

I always play with your kids before the photo session, so your kids feel comfortable while their photos has been taken.

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